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Entry #1


2009-05-22 16:53:35 by Tekkan



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2009-05-23 13:37:16

Hey man, it's me Winter (musician for wpnFire) and I'd love to work on some tracks for you as your musician regardless of whoever you choose as your artist if you choose me. Working back in '06 for wpnFire was tons of fun and I'd love to do it again. Oh, and those short animations look great
Drop me a PM whether you choose to have me in your team or not.

Tekkan responds:

northern VA sticks together


2009-05-24 19:08:08

Great to see you around again man. Both those games look great! Anyway, I hope we're gonna see a lot more of you around here?

I already have a Po3 group and im really busy this summer, but Id love to work with you sometime!

Tekkan responds:

thanks brah


2009-05-29 08:05:14



2009-06-14 22:50:37

Oh awesome.. Thought you were dead for the past few years. Anyway, I think stone and ppl just started making plans for a wpnfire 2 or so I heard today.

Nice to see you're still alive. Don't die again. haha